midnight tayles

"Cars would drive in and never be seen again.  There were rumours that David Bowie kicked about in his jodhpurs spinning his magic crystals and urging people to turn back.  ‘You have thirteen hours to solve Tradeston,’ he’d say, 'or your baby brother is mine...' "

A brief explanation

Midnight Tayles is the collective name for the fictional writings of me, David McMahon Jnr.  It covers short stories and a collection of novellas that I've been writing, most of which share common characters, settings and themes and all have, without exception, been written in the dead of night.  I've found that creativity finds me the most after dark.  Such is my nocturnal existence thanks to a career in bars and night clubs (playing music to strangers)...  You can often find me hidden in the corner of a Sauchiehall Street bar at 2am, typing away.

My main project at the moment is called 'Boxhead', a short novel that I am hoping will be the first episode of a series following a young man with dubious morals in a parallel universe called Jericho Wheeler.  I'll go into more detail about him and the novel in my blog, but for now let's say it's taken me a long time to get him to actually finish an adventure.  I have a second novel in the works too called 'The Politics Of Dogs' and I love writing short stories.


This site will hopefully give me the opportunity to get some material out there, along with a blog to voice my thoughts on the writing and the highs and lows of the creative process.  Sorry in advance about all the swearing but hey, I'm from Glasgow.  It's what we use instead of punctuation.

David Em, Dec 2018 (at 6:29am)

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