#0 Welcome To Midnight Tayles

Updated: May 30, 2019

What are the Midnight Tayles? Where are they from and who tells them?

"I can honestly say, even though I'm under such heavy sedation, that you give the least amount of fucks of anyone I’ve ever met."

If you've spent any amount of time in Glasgow will be familiar with many of these places, but will remember them differently.

This town lives in parallel to ours. Its streets are the same but are lined with bars and cafes long closed and others that haven't even existed yet. Certain aspects of life feel like the present but at the same time technology runs rampant and unchecked, merging biology and computers so seamlessly that it's become commonplace, even a hassle. A phone in your eye, a Walkman in your inner ear, a TV screen under your skin. Teenagers shop for replacement arms and tiger tails. People let there skins grow translucent while their lives slip away in VR.

Boxhead, the very first Midnight Tayle, is told through the eyes of Jake Wheeler, a self-confessed 'head in a box' (although he'll tell you there's no physical box to speak of) who is revisiting the events that eventually led to his death. He is strangely chipper about this. We meet many of his friends such as The Bavarian Lad, Goo The Experimental Fashionista, Frankie Heartstrings and Bad Santa, each trying to tempt our hero with their own particular brand of excess.

Can he keep on the straight and narrow long enough to cheat his way to laziness?

Stay tuned for upcoming Boxhead excerpts and sample chapters

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